LEM037. Electric Worm Winch LM-EW2250

Lemans Nederland B.V. Electric Wormgear Winch

Type: LM-EW2250
Load pull: w.l.l. 2.250 Kg. 1st. layer
Hauling speed: ~7mtr/min 1st. layer
Drum capacity: appr. 65 mtr / √ł12mm / in 5 layers (incl. 3 safety turns)
E-motor: 4kW-S2 / 400V-50Hz / IP56 / T.E.N.V.
Motor brake: –
Transmission: wormgear box
Preservation: sand blasted SA21/2 / 150um marine paint 2C blue RAL5002
Class of Mechanism: T4-L2-M4 (FEM 1.001 and ISO 4301/1)
Weight: 205 Kg.

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