LEM035. Electric Worm (Signal) Winch LM-EW 100sp

Lemans Electric Worm (Signal) Winch

Type: LM-EW100sp
Load pull: w.l.l. 100 Kg. 1st. layer
Hauling speed: 6,6 mtr.min 1 st. layer
Drum capacity: (2x) 10 mtr / √ł6mm / in 3 layers
E-motor: 0,37kW-S2 / 440V-60Hz / IP67 / T.E.N.V.
Motor options: tropical insulation, anti condensation heating
Transmission: worm gearbox
Preservation: sand blasted SA21/2 / 150um marine paint 2C blue RAL5002
Class of Mechanism: T4-L2-M4 (FEM 1.001 and ISO 4301/1)
Remarks: incl. Stromag limit switch with 4 contacts.

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