LEM034. Manual Worm Gear Winch LH-WW5000

LH-WW Worm Gear Winches complies with DIN 15020.
Load pressure brake.
Adjustable crank length; backwind-free.
Drums and axes run on needle bearings.
Types above load capacity of 2000 Kg. have two speeds, that can be shifted by changing the crank over.
Paint finish and enamel varnish are standard.

Type: LH-WW 5000
Lifting force: w.l.l. 5.000 Kg 1st layer
Cable diameter: dia 20mm
Capacity: max. 40 mtr.
Crank force: 58/17 Kg.
Lifting height per stroke: 12/4 mm
Crank length: 380 mm
Weight: 115 Kg.

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